Episode 5



"Only Love Can Conquer Hate" was the name of a five episode web series that unfortunately never saw the light of day. The project is still very dear to me since it was shot guerilla style all over New York City, allowing me to  get lost in the flow of the city.

The story is about a young Lebanese couple that a

arrived in New York only to be mistaken for terrorists.


This is a rough cut of the concluding episode in which Tarek sees his girlfriend again after many months of forced separation. He was supposed to organize fake passports so that they could leave the country together but unfortunately our hero found himself in an ambush. Can they still make it?


Director, Writer, Cinematographer: Kai Gero Lenke

Sound: Dmitry Trakovsky


Cast: Cyril Aris, Mounia Akl, Christopher Abi-Aad and George Sikharulidze


Language: Mostly Arabic with English subtitles

Shooting Location: New York, New Jersey, USA