Based on a true story, "God Is The Greatest" is a short film about hope, humanity, and loss. Focusing on a brief moment in a complicated conflict, the film depicts how the lives of ordinary people are being unraveled on the periphery of the brutal civil war in Syria.


Director: Kai Gero Lenke

Screenplay: Cyril Aris, Kai Gero Lenke

Producer: Cyril Aris, Kai Gero Lenke, M. Weidenhöfer

Production Design: Carola Volles

Music: Paul Tyan

Cinematography: Markus Englmair


Cast: Panos Aprahamian, Nasri Sayegh, Neil Malik Abdullah, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Omar El-Saedi, Sami Nasser


Language: Arabic (with English subtitles)

Shooting Location: Rüdersdorf, Germany


Produced by Beauty Killed the Beast, Berlin